Hello all! My name is Asher. I am 39 weeks old, in utero, and I hang out with my mom. A lot! I have been noticing quite a few changes in myself over the last 9 months. One thing that I have noticed as of late is that my room seems to be getting smaller. I also have this weird sensation that I am hanging upside down. But I digress. A few things that I really like are my mom and dad’s voices, taylor’s bark, and the sound of the steamer wand at everyone’s favorite coffee shop. I do not find spicy food favorable but dig the sugar rush of cinnamon rolls in the morning. So, that’s me. I look forward to meeting you guys soon (and checking out Lane’s stick ministry Christmas special). Until then, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight, make like a tree and get out of here, and remember that next friday is hawaiian shirt day. Soooo, wear jeans and a haiwian shirt if you like.