just so you know i sleep a lot. so i have not updated the blog in a while. actually i am working on resizing some pictures to post. pretty tough without photoshop. then again, reading the instruction manual is tough for me at this point! more soon.


Hello again. Wow what a week. I officially moved in on Tuesday at 10:04 am! Mom and Dad were really happy to see me. Did you know I have 3 grandmas and 3 grandpas? How cool is that! I have hardly had to be pinned up in that plastic tub on wheels they call a bed! Arms are much more comfortable. I am excited about meeting everyone. For those who will not be here for a while, I made this little video for you. My dad helped me pick out the music. He has pretty good taste, but is Ringo really better than the other guy? Anywho, enjoy and I hope to see you soon.

Hello all! My name is Asher. I am 39 weeks old, in utero, and I hang out with my mom. A lot! I have been noticing quite a few changes in myself over the last 9 months. One thing that I have noticed as of late is that my room seems to be getting smaller. I also have this weird sensation that I am hanging upside down. But I digress. A few things that I really like are my mom and dad’s voices, taylor’s bark, and the sound of the steamer wand at everyone’s favorite coffee shop. I do not find spicy food favorable but dig the sugar rush of cinnamon rolls in the morning. So, that’s me. I look forward to meeting you guys soon (and checking out Lane’s stick ministry Christmas special). Until then, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight, make like a tree and get out of here, and remember that next friday is hawaiian shirt day. Soooo, wear jeans and a haiwian shirt if you like.